“As a not-for-profit, we are driven for social change and can only sustain our programmes through your donations

Be Inspired: Fundraise

We invite you to fundraise for us. There are lots of brilliant ways to do this. Some people choose turn to families and friends using social media and crowd funding platforms, others host fundraising drives within their communities e.g. charity dance, cake sales etc. Whatever your choice, we will do everything possible to support you. Talk to us!

Where does the money go?

We are an on-the-ground Social Enterprise created by 51 people who live within a rural community – Misyani. We want to see it change for the better. Some of us have disabilities and have had to personally overcome persistent prejudice and discrimination. We aim to build a community centre, we call it Misyani Centre. Misyani Centre will be a pillar, positively impacting lives of Persons with disabilities and their families.

We endeavour to be completely transparent about finances and how your donations are being used. The majority of funds donated are used to cover school and basic needs costs, excursions, adult classes for families, awareness and sensitization trainings, and staff support. We also use this funds to cover costs of running our Misyani Centre, so we can continue with our social mission.

“Be the drive, help us in empower our community: Volunteer!”

We are strong advocates of ethical volunteering and sustainable impacts. We believe in using your set skills as the best way to contribute to our centre. Our Misyani Community is rural, small and very isolated from urbanisation. By you volunteering, you provide us with vital exposure and experience.

Remember no time is too little to volunteer, No skill is useless. Get in touch with us and we shall find you a suitable placement.