Care Vision supports children with disabilities and their families in rural areas to led sustainable lives. With your help, we aim to implement all programmes below.


Only one in every six children with disabilities attends school in Kenya”. We want to change this statics within our rural community. Education is a right for every child no matter their social-economic status.  It is a sure way out of poverty, stigma and ignorance that now plays a role in segregating them within the community.

Our goal is to get the children into schools up to university or vocational training level. Currently we are supporting 29 children. With your help this number will grow.

“Children with disabilities almost never venture out of their rural environment”

Most children in rural areas lack exposure to the wider world. Growing up, they hardly get the chance to venture out from their rural homes and explore urban areas. Enriching young minds programme aim to get children out of their environment and give them exposure to  other regions. Educational excursions will range from visits to national parks, museums etc.

“We want to create a support system..”

As we all know, growing up comes with issues ranging from hormones, body change to psychological maturity. Having a willing ear listen and advice makes a difference to the well being of the child. We strongly believe having a big sister/big brother is a sure way to ease the struggles of being a teenager.

We match children with willing responsible and vetted volunteers who will spend a few hours every month with the child doing various activities ranging from playing sports to enjoying a meal, all with the goal of empowering the child to reach full potential.

If you are such a volunteer, ready to dedicate your time in this exciting programme, click on apply now. Fill in your information and we shall get back to you with further details.


“We want to identify and grow natural talents…”

Everyone is born with natural talents. It is our privilege to bring this out in every child we support. During school holidays, we have Talent Nurturing camps whereby children’s natural interests are matched with mentors with similar interests. These mentors are volunteers who have used their talents and made a career out of them. For example, a child is interested in photography, this child in matched with a photographer mentor.

The programme goal is to provide the optimum environment for a child to real (should be reach) full potential in their talent field. If you want to be a mentor please apply to be a volunteer.

If you want to be a mentor please fill click on “be a mentor” form and fill in the application. Likewise you can donate towards the programmes.

In rural areas, access to health services catering to medical issues CWDs face is not attainable. We work to change this status quo, by hosting free medical camps in partnership with various medical institutions.

Any complex procedures needing further interventions that medical camps may not offer, Care Vision Outreach will assist in rising funds for further treatment.


Generally in rural areas women are the sole household contributors. Bearing the brunt of all household demands makes it difficult to concentrate on development of natural skills. Care Vision Outreach offers various programmes aimed at enabling independent livelihoods and self out of poverty.

This programme targets primarily women without any formal education (although learning is open to all family members). Basic reading, writing and English speaking lessons are taught.

Classes are daily 1600-1800hrs.

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) cites more than 72% of Kenyans in rural areas lack access to the internet. We strive to lessen this digital divide.

Classes comprise of teaching:

  1. Necessity of Computer Technology
  2. Basic Computers Usage
  3. Internet
  4. Computer for Business use

Classes will be daily 0900-1000hrs|1000-1300hrs|1400-1600hrs.

Lack of exposure and stagnation due to environment has led to laxity in the regions’ social development. The Care Mentorship programme is designed to equip families with necessary skills set (i.e. leadership and entrepreneurship) needed to start their own ventures. This will also include networking events with prominent business people. At the end programme, time is allocated where the participants specifically focus on developing action plans for the next stage of their careers. We aim to have 100% of our participants in ‘meaningful’ employment after their cycle and at least 50% of these starting their own enterprise.

Classes will be daily 0900-1300hrs

Our aim is to empower families who have gone through our business and mentorship programme. This happens by assisting business ventures with strong potential for sustainability with business loans. After strong vetting, loans will be offered by Care Vision’s partnered financial institutions.

Our social workers provide families and special needs schools with guidance and counselling. All burdens are eased when shared.

Care groups meetings are Tuesdays 1500 – 1600hrs

Nothing can be achieved in an empty stomach. To ease hunger pains and enable participation in our programmes, we provide monthly food and clothes donations to families demonstrating genuine and critical need. Beneficiaries are assessed on continual bases to hinder dependency on handouts.

For the unfortunate incidents such as illness or death, the Care Emergency funds will act as a cushion to cater for all unexpected immediate expenses.