Every journey begins with a single step…

—————–Who we are —————-

We are a team of 51 members committed to inspire, educate and empower children with disabilities and their families  in our rural community of Misyani. Some of us have disabilities and have experienced segregation from our community. We want to change entrenched cultural narratives that undermine fairness, tolerance and inclusion, of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their families.

——–Why we are so passionate——–

Only one in every six children with disabilities attends school in Kenya. Those few able to attend face the familiar problems of exclusion, stigmatisation, inappropriate curricula, poorly equipped schools and insufficiently trained teachers. Many tend to drop out. We want to change this!

————–What is our impact————

To change narratives and leave positive impacts, we aim to build a Community Centre in Misyani tailored to enriching lives of children with disabilities and their families. We call the centre “Misyani Centre”. The centre will open its doors February 2017.

————-How we help———-

By adopting innovative and creative programmes designed to inspire CWDs to reach their full potential! We also equip their families with skills necessary to better care for them and reach financial stability. Currently we are supporting 29 children and their families.

———Where we work——–

In Misyani, Kangundo County